WFH in 2020 - How are you managing your time ?

WFH in 2020 - How are you managing your time ?


WFH in 2020 - How are you managing yourself?

A topic to ponder, how are you managing your time being in 2020 COVID situation?


WFH Quadrant

I just came up with this quadrant all of a sudden, amidst a pile tasks I have pending in hand.

Don't think anyone has cracked it, time management tricks we know aren't working well enough.

COVID brought work inside your home, disrupting the tradition of a living home

This feels poetic to me, this is all I have got in me :P

What is working for you?

How would you plot your own yellow line? How does it look for you?

What are the WFH tips that you would share? What's helping you ?

Is it a better work from home office? to spend quality work time? to isolate yourself from chores?

Is it setting expectations with your family? (How do you do it if everyone else is WFH too ?)

Is it waking up early?

Is it doing exercises?

Is it a zoom social network at work?

Is it 'Learning to say no ?'

There is no one standard answer, its a combination of many things.

And it has to be dynamic, so we are flexible to the ever-fluctuating situation.

Anything that you would share, I am going to collate, summarise and re-publish the learnings here.

Worth a try!

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